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African Day (mid. School )

Inside the chemistry lab

Research 17


Reunion 16-17

Case study 16-17

El Hussien Trip

Spelling bee competition 2017

Case study 17

Social Studies morning broadcast

ECU presentation

Winners of case study 17

رحله الاكاديميه المصريه للهندسه والتكنولوجيا المتقدمه

mothers day

G. 6 curricular activities

G. 7&8 morning broadcast

Orphan Day 17

Graduates 17 (part 1)

Science fair 17 part 1

Science fair part 2

Science fair 17 part 3

Science fair 17 part 4

Annual Graduation ceremony 17

Annual Graduation ceremony 17 part 2

Visit Egypt Trip

Stadiums Under Construction

First meeting 17-18

Training of trainers

Building education and Egyptian personality

Preparation for the new academic year 17-18

Thinking fast and slow (Dr.Sameh Hansar)

How to treat with kids and teenagers

First day (Mid)

First week in the school(High)

School Rules

English broadcast Grade 8 American

Gruppenarbeit G 5 German activity (American)

G6B Math activity GCF & LCM

Fun multiplication game Grade 4A

How can we use our senses?Science activity Grade 1

What tools can we use?Science activity Grade 2

Making a model of airplane Grade 3

Grade 9A activity on Inequality

G1 Math activity ways to make numbers

Grade 5 English activity

6th of October celebration

Grade 7B outdoor IT activity (Exploring CPU)

Grade 5 Social Studies curricular activity

Biology broadcast

Turning sentences into questions grade 5

Kinds of sentences Grade 7

English broadcast Grade 4

Grade 2 and the Arab countries in Asia...Social Studies

Ancient Ruins. Grade 4 Social Studies curricular activity

Math activity

Visit of Frau Scheffer from Klett Verlag at Rajac schools vielen Dank alle meine Kollegen

Career day

Face to face interaction for grades 7 &8 Social Studies curricular activity

Election 17-18

German Spelling bee

IT activity by G 1A & G 1B

Social Day 17-18

Career day part 2

Activity for grade 11A&11C Long and synthetic division

Grade 11 c activity on the lesson and Edmond Rostand

Honouring students of word challenge competition

Science activity. Ecosystem.Grade 3

Sport day 18


Life style event

Stop virus C presentation

Case study 17-18

Case study part 2

Debate 17-18 part 1

Debate 2017-2018 part 2

German Day

Arabic poetry competition

Seniors 18

KG Math Training 18-19

Rajac American school teachers training 18-19 Day 1 students character development

Team building Day 2

Flipped education

IT activities- First week

Arabic activities -First week

French Activities-First week

German Activities-First week

Egyptian Day 18-19

Elections 18-19

Prophet Mohamed Birthday celebration 18-19.

Social Day 18-19

Rajac El Kheer

The Beauty and the Beast play

Reunion 18-19

12-D statistics activity

Arabic Activity G9 19-20

French activity 11A 19-20

Grade 9 A the future simple activity 19-20

Grade 9 math activity 19-20

Grade 10 - Early History Activity 19-20

Grade 11 c french activity on the negation 19-20

Grade 9 Grammar session 19-20

IT Problem Solving Activity G9

Verbs conjugation in German 19-20

Grade 1 Social studies activity 19-20

MAP orientation 19-20

G3A Math activity 19-20

Grade 7A french activity 19-20

Modelling of the cell by 8B 19-20

Science grade 3 (float or sink) 19-20