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Rajac Primary School
Pupils at Rajac Schools learn about the world and people in it from an early age, developing an awareness of different subjects, cultures and languages.
They develop a sense of positive personal identity
Pupils have one Life Skills class per week which is conducted by the members of the Counselling Department. The teaching methodology includes experiential exercises,small-group and large-group discussions reflective exercises and the use of multimedia. This enriches the quality of educational content by addressing issues relevant to the lives of learners, not traditionally included in the academic curriculum and which demands the adoption of positive behaviour.
During the Clubs sessions, the children are taught a hobby or develop a skill that will in the future help them utilize time profitably. Clubs include Art and Craft,  Debating, Choral Recitation, Drama, The Book Club, Computers, Scouts and Guides, Electronics, Science Club, Clay Modeling, Photography, Dance and Aerobics in addition to all kinds of sports from karate ,  tennis , volleyball , basketball, speedball , football and others
Rajac believes in cultivating the quality of leadership in students at a very early age. Pupils are given every opportunity to display their maturity, commitment, attitude and ability to execute responsibility. It is through this process of growth and development that students are able to take on even greater responsibilities as they grow older.
Rajac is firmly committed to a cleaner and safer environment. Raising awareness of environmental issues and thereby contributing to the planet’s well being is one of the significant goals of Rajac School. The school strongly believes that the key to saving today’s environment lies with today’s youth.
Following the motto of “Do All Things Well”, this raises the intellectual as well as physical qualities of a child, teaching them to do the right thing and inculcate good habits. It affords the opportunity for initiative, self-reliance, self-control and self-direction.
                          Primary School Principal
                              Amal Fekry