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National School | KG | Principal Letter

                         Firstly, I would like to thank God for choosing us to be
       the ones who carry the education flag. Thank God making us walk
       through the vivid path of education. 
       My Beloved Children ….. Honored parents / guardians ……. Dear Teachers
       Peace be always upon you.
                       I would like to address my beloved children first as you are the hope
       Through an outstanding  future. You are the hope for a promising
       generation that leads to construct a well-built country.
       Honored parents / guardians…
                      I would genuinely like to believe that kindergarten stage is
       considered one of the most important phases in the childs life in which
       his / her character is built and his / her talents are sharpened through the
       stage of fun and interactive curricular activities.
                       I would also like to assure that the childs regular attendance affects
       his / her character as well as their talents in a very practical way. So I
       ask you a plea to have faith in this important stage.
                    Dear Teachers ……
         Our children are extremely precious jewels, therefore, we should take
        a great care of them and co-operate in order to look after them and
        make it possible to instruct and implant all the values , morals and
            Ethics in our children.
                          My best wishes
          Mai Abd-El-Rahman
           Kindergarten Principal