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Welcome To Rajac Cairo

American School | Rajac KG, Elementary, Middle American School

It is an honor to welcome you to Rajac American School. With over 15 years of experience in the management of schools,I will bring the best of that experience to our school. I have personally chosen a team of staff who are motivated to continually develop our programmes in line with changing world demands, in order to prepare students for a bright future.

Wewant our students to have self-confidence, to value other people, andunderstand that learning is a lifelong journey. To show our belief in providingequality, our School provides opportunity for all students irrespective oftheir religion and financial status in society, while mindful of the context inwhere we live.

Goodeducation is essential for all children to enable them to live, study and workin a multi-cultural, multi-faith country. We understand the critical importanceof providing our students with the skills and knowledge that will enable themto achieve personal success during their time spent in school and throughoutlife.

Wehave an eidetic of reflection and continuous improvement. We do this in a safe,caring and nurturing environment in which high academic performance isexpected. In our mission to provide a complete, student-centered education, weencourage students to take part in music, drama, art and sports activities. Webelieve that Rajac is the place for young people to learn, grow and develop ina positive learning environment.

Wewant to ensure that all of our students will enjoy a challenging, productive,and successful learning environment. We are very fortunate to have assembled anexperienced, highly qualified team from around the world who can provide anexciting, balanced, and highly productive education for our students. Wewelcome for your support in making the school develop into one of the best inCairo.

Ilook forward to a productive year ahead and to working positively with all ourparents. This positive relationship will be crucial to our success and I amsure I will meet many of you as the year unfolds. We are looking forward toworking with you as partners in your child’s education.

School Principal

Dalia Sultan